Cats Cradle Final Update! (September 2018 – April 2019)

  This has easily been the most challenging project I have worked on thus far and its made me grow so much as a programmer. This academic year was just as challenging and I'm proud to say I made it through to the other side unscathed. I'm very excited to enter my Senior year at... Continue Reading →

Bounding Volume Hierarchy Tree

As a little project to learn OpenGL and dip my toes a little deeper into the world of physics I created a simple renderer in OpenGL with the Phong Illumination model and directional, point, and spot lights. This was mostly new to me at the time of implementation, but I had also been learning to... Continue Reading →

GPU Based Object Picking

While working on my team project Cats Cradle we reached a point where we had three of our designers working in engine to make levels and test gameplay. One of their immediate and most important requests were object picking. There are two processes that come to mind when designing an object picking system. Raycasting and... Continue Reading →

Trouble In Flubville (2017-2018)

Link to the Trouble in Flubville Trailer Link to Student Showcase and Download page Trouble In Flubville is my most recent completed project. I was very passionate about this as it was a huge learning experience for me. For the technical aspect, I got my hands very dirty with my very first implementation of DirectX... Continue Reading →

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